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A-Star, is hailed as the King Of Afro-Dance, he is one of the most innovative Afrobeats artists of his generation.

Madonna, P Diddy, Davido, Jesse Lingard and Taraji P Henson are just some of the high profiling celebrities who have this rising star on their radar. A-Star prides himself in being an innovator of the Afro Dance genre and hopes to bring together different cultures and backgrounds through that. As one of the only artists to do this A-Star has created something so unique and special to the Afrobeats culture – energetic choreography that has kept families around the world dancing and smiling.

A testament to this would be his smash hit single “Kupe Dance” which was released in 2018 accumulating an incredible 27 million views as well as support from the Queen Bee herself Beyoncé, who used “Kupe Dance” at her performance at the Global citizen festival that same year. #TheRiseUK, a YouTube campaign celebrating the talent fuelling the British creative industry also featured the phenomenal track. 2021 headed off to a good start as A-Star featured within an ASOS x Nike campaign which also starred choreographer Sherrie Silver and A-Star’s track “Balaya”.

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