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Q Twins is a band made up of the singing sisters, Virginia and Viggy Qwabe. The 22 years old sisters came into the music scene as a result of their participation in the recently held South African Idol talent show. They have since the show gone on to collaborate with DJ Tira on a song titled Hamba. The Afro-pop singing duo who now go as Q Twins are beginning to make a way for themselves in the industry with their beautiful vocals.



The Twins were born in 1997 to Lawrence Qwabe who is the founder of the Pure Freedom Christ church, in Nonoti north of Kwazulu in South Africa. Coming from a strong Christian background the twins started putting their voice to use in the Church choir. They loved singing so much they would compose songs themselves and perform it among their friends.



The Afro-pop twin attended their primary and Secondary school education in Nonoti, attending thr Nonoti Primary School and Senior Secondary respectively. They started performing their music at school talent shows and events. Being a village kid their growth in the music scene is an encouragement to other children who saw them grow from their vicinity to what they are now through their music. The duo discovered their love for music at a very young age and went through with it and at the instance they are growing to become a global superstars.



The twins made their first public appearances into the South African music scene after they got into the South African idols show in 2019. The twins came into the show as individual artistes. The Q Twins made their first grand history has they became the first contestants to impress South Africa to an extent the two made the top list to make it the first ever 1st top 15.


The sisters made it to the top 10 list but Viggy had to forfeit the show after Virgina didn’t get enough votes to continue and there were serious allegations that the show was rigged by the organizers, which made their father tell Viggy to forfeit the show. After the show, DJ Tira who had seen them perform during the idols show, fell in love with their act and decided to sign them under his “Afrotainment” record label.

They have since getting signed released their collaboration hit with DJ Tira named “Hamba” which is getting positive reviews all over Mzansi at the moment.



The twins are yet to release any studio album at the moment this write up was made. The write up will be upgraded as soon as that is in place.



The Afro-pop twins have released 3 songs since they got signed into Afrotainment records. The following are the songs;

  1. Q Twins-Hamba Featuring DJ Tira
  2. QQ Twins- AmaGifts
  3. Umama (Pitipiti)



The twins since their debut into the music have had the opportunity to perform songs on the Idol stage in 2019. The twins have performed on TV shows, they are also on tours promoting their new songs.



The Twins are not in any public relationship at the moment. Like every other celebrity they like to keep issues like this away from the public eyes.



No awards or nominations as at the time of this write up, but will be updated as soon as there is an update on it.



The Afro-pop twins’ net worth as not been calculated, but will be updated soon.

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