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Biografia de Zakes Bantwini

Known for his electrifying presence on stage, Zakes Bantwini – affectionately known as the King of Dance – is a versatile singer, producer, and songwriter with a knack for a fusion of sound that employs music from different dance genres.

This platinum selling artist strongly believes in the saying that “no man is an island.” He often collaborates and co-creates with like-minded artists to produce chart-topping tunes, such as his breakthrough collaborations with the world-renowned DJ Black Coffee.


It was this collaboration with Black Coffee on Love, Light and Music that catapulted him into an instant international sensation, with the hit single “Juju” setting local and international dance floors ablaze with its thumping beats and Zakes’ vocals hitting the right cords. The success of this album led to him performing on stages in the greater Africa, Europe and Asia.


His most recent collaboration is with Portugal’s leading house act DJEFF. Together they’ve cooked up a brand new single titled, “Zugu Zugu.” With this creation they have been able to integrate their respective cultures and musical backgrounds with their love for electronic music. Inspired by acts like Daft Punk and Armand Van Helden, the release of ‘Zugu Zugu’ serves as an aural embodiment of DJEFF’s and Zakes’ vibrant sound, with upbeat tempos laced with melodic percussions, earning them dope nods from the likes of Major Lazor and Pete Tong.

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