Vee Mampeezy – Bata Musoro (feat. Jah Prayzah)

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Vee Mampeezy – Bata Musoro (feat. Jah Prayzah)
Vee Mampeezy
Bata Musoro
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  • Author: Vee Mampeezy(feat. Jah Prayzah)
  • Titulo: Bata Musoro
  • Categoria:
  • Ano: 2021
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biografia de Vee Mampeezy

Odirile Ishmael Sento, popularly known as Vee, Vee Mampeezy and Mampeezy, is a Botswana musician and the leader and songwriter of Lamalanga and Black Money Makers records. He is married to Kagiso Sento, and together they have two children.


Early life

Mampeezy was born in 1983 in Hukuntsi. He founded his own brand for water bottles and condoms. He called them Mavitah and Lavitah respectively.



Odirile has been into the music industry for twenty years of success. He won several awards in the music industry.


His first album was released under the Black Money Makers studio, and later moved to Eric Ramco records. In 2005, Sento worked with one of the famous producers in South Africa called Godfrey ‘Guffy’ Pilane on an unsuccessful project called Ntja mme. The two separated and he started his own record label called Black Money Makers.


In 2019, Vee Mampeezy’s music video Dumalana (Shot and Directed by Jack Bohloko) became the most viewed music video in Botswana ,with over 10 million views in YouTube.


Personal life

He is married to Kagiso Ruth Ludo Sento. Together they have two kids.




  • Taku Taku (2004)
  • Stimela (2008)
  • Zaza (2010)
  • Vee (2011-2012)
  • Crossroads (2012)
  • I Do (2016)
  • Champion (2017)
  • Dumalana (2019)
  • Dololo (2019)



  • Introloction (2001)
  • Lamalanga (2003)
  • Kasi Angels (2004)
  • Ntja Mme (2005)
  • Ditshipi Tsame (2006)
  • Kasiology (2007)
  • Stimela (2008)
  • Everybady (2009)
  • Supernatural Vol1 (2013)
  • Supernatural Vol2 (2014)
  • Supernatural Vol3 (2015)

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